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Bangaan, Ifugao

Updated March 2, 2010

Bangaan village

Bangaan village

Local children in Bangaan village

A few drinks in Bangaan village with our lovely host Conchita in the background

Photo opportunity in front of Bangaan Family Inn & Restaurant

Bangaan is a farming community, not far out of Banaue. The rice terraces there are very beautiful. There is only one guest house, Bangaan Family Inn & Restaurant, which is situated on the road overlooking the village. I have been to Bangaan Family Inn many times, but usually to park my car (for a small fee), when I am staying in Batad. In March 2006, my group and I stayed in Bangaan for a day and a night. We were planning to go to Batad but the weather was terrible and the path to Batad would have been too slippery and unpleasant to walk along.  I was not disappointed with my stay.

Bangaan Village

The walk from the road down to the village and back up takes no longer than 1 ½ hours. Much of the walk is through rice fields, so take shelter from sun and rain. The village has become an historic sight, with many traditional houses still standing. Souvenir shops have been set up by the locals and some provide coffee, cold drinks (even beer) and shelter from the rain. We chose hot coffees and were entertained by Conchita at her outdoor tables. We found her conversation so interesting and informative that we stayed for more coffee and finally a beer. I bought one of the excellent knives manufactured by a local blacksmith. He uses steel from old car springs and mounts the pieces in a wooden sheath, bound with rattan, as is the knife handle.

There is not much money around here and the population is small. There are no luxuries, so expect nothing more than Nescafe and possibly creamer, at a table outside under a tarpaulin. There is no accommodation in the village.

Bangaan village can also be a pleasant day trip from Banaue.

Bangaan Family Inn & Restaurant

This is a scenic place to spend the day and night, and an alternative to Banaue town center. It is located on the main road to Mayoyao, about two kilometers past the Batad junction. Accommodation is basic but very pleasant.  The cottages overlook the valley, the village, the fields and surrounding mountains - very pretty.

We took the larger of the cottages on offer which cost P800 in 2006, and accommodates four. Very basic facilities, 2 double beds, pleasant décor and a million dollar view. We also took a traditional house, refurbished comfortably for 3 or 4 persons – outdoor facilities, P600. There are 2 other traditional houses, but I did not check them. Hot water can be heated for your bath, if you wish.

Their restaurant is just across the road from the cottages.  The food is simple but satisfactory. It is best to plan meals and order them ahead to be ready for a particular time. Each dish is freshly prepared and chicken takes a long time to cook. Not all things on the menu are available, so check first.

Mr. Erwin Laroco is the contact person for the Bangaan Family Inn & Restaurant. Phone +63 919 880 9308 (from the Philippines - 0919 880 9308

Getting There

There are several public jeepneys that pass by, going to or coming from Mayoyao. Going back to Banaue, they pass by between 7am and 10am. They all leave Banaue between 2pm and 4pm. The jeepneys are already overloaded with people and produce on Saturdays, because this is Banaue market day. Alternatives are to hire a tricycle or your own jeep.

Any four wheel drive vehicle or van with reasonable ground clearance can make it to the Bangaan Inn, and there is parking available by the restaurant. In January 2010, the last time I passed by, the road was being cemented, but only about 30% was complete.