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Janet's Private Art Lessons in Sagada for $12 per hour

Have you always wanted to learn to draw or paint, but didn’t?
Would you like to combine art lessons with a holiday in a beautiful place?
Are you :-   ●  overseas somewhere and looking for something different for your next vacation?
  ●  a Filipino or expat living in Manila with time on your hands and would see this as a wonderful escape?
●  visiting Sagada alone or with friends and think it would be a fabulous focus for your stay?
●  a practicing artist who did not have formal training in the foundation skills?
●  a member of an art or painting group and wish to extend your skills?
●  a foreign student who would like to learn about art with an English speaking teacher?
●  a High School or College student who wants to explore art for the first time, or advance your experience in art?

Watercolor - Nasturtium kaleidoscope

Watercolor - Batad - Ifugao

Oil on canvas - Mirror and plaster ball study

Pen and ink - Bamboo huts, Baler, Aurora Province

Oil on canvas - Carabao portrait  (Philippines Water Buffalo)

Art Lessons - structure and costs

●  Lessons can be structured to suit the requirements and experience of an individual or a group. Any number of lessons can be taken, from 1 to your level of satisfaction.
●  The lesson cost is structured such that the more the number of students, the lower the cost per student
●  Each lesson is a 3 hour session - the cost per lesson is P1,500 for one student plus P1,000 per additional student. (eg. P2,500 total for 2 students)
●  2 classes can be taken in one day, if requested, but it is not generally recommended, as practice is essential after each class
●  The full course package is10 lessons over about a 2 week period
●  The full course is P15,000 for one student plus P10,000 for every additional student. (i.e. Cost for 2 students is P25,000 - this is P12,500 each for the full 10 x 3 hour course)
●  The full course structure is 5 lessons of drawing and 5 lessons of color theory


The foundation of almost all art is the ability to see and to draw.
What is available?

●  From 1 up to 5 lessons of 3 hour duration. Number of lessons dependent on skill level
●  Sketchbooks, pencils etc can be purchased on site

Color Theory

This is the beginning of working with color, no matter what medium you choose
What is available?

●  From 1 up to 5 lessons of 3 hour duration. Number of lessons dependent on skill level

My preferred medium for teaching is gauche (gouache) – water based opaque tube paint.

●  Brushes will be available for sale
●  Workbooks will be available for sale
●  Paint will be available for use at an appropriate charge, or for sale

Extension classes

What is available?

●  Beginner’s watercolor, acrylic or oil painting classes
●  Drawing extension classes for pursuing your particular interest
●  Ceramics, both sculpture and pottery

Field trips

Field painting trips can also be organized. There and many beautiful places in and around Sagada from which it would be treat to paint. Transport can be arranged to places as far as three hours away, such as Batad or Tinglayan, but that will require at least one overnight stay.

About me - background and profile.

My name is Janet Eason and I am an Australian artist living in the Philippines. I am currently conducting private art classes in Sagada for one or more students. I have lived in Sagada for more than 6 years now and still feel lucky to be here. The beauty, freshness and silence of the place inspires me as an artist and satisfies me as a lover of nature. Sagada is nestled in a beautiful mountainous landscape, lush with pine and mossy forests, cultivated in terraces of rice and vegetables. The culture of the indigenous Igorots is strong and unique. Very good English is widely spoken.
My time in paradise is divided between working on my own art and conducting private art lessons. I also teach art  part-time at St Mary's (high) School. All the art included on this page are recent works I have done in the Philippines.
Click the link to see the picture gallery of art from my high school students at St. Mary's.

Personal profile

Child – always drawing and winning competitions. I grew up in Australia.
Young adult – attended Teachers College and the South Australian School of Art to qualify as a specialist secondary art teacher.
Adult – traveled widely throughout South East Asia, particularly Bali, Sumatra and India. I also traveled through Europe to the U.K., my birthplace.
I read daily, across a wide range of topics and do like an exotic setting.
Always – worked on my own art.
At present, in my own art I am working mostly in watercolor and occasionally in oils. I have always loved drawing, so that is a big part of what I do.

Getting to Sagada

I can help you get to Sagada if you need assistance - from airport pick-up if you are coming from overseas, to taking you where you want to go after Sagada. Accommodation can be booked in advance. If you prefer to do it on the cheap, I can give you detailed instructions on how to get here by bus.
The trip from Manila to Sagada will take you about 12 hours. The first 6 hours will get you to Baguio, and there are luxury coaches that also ply this route. The second part of the journey will take you along the Halsema Highway. The road winds over a mountain range reaching a maximum of 7,000ft. There are stunning vista's almost all of the way from Baguio to Sagada.

Student Art

To view the picture gallery of art from my wonderful high school students at St. Mary's, Click here.

For More Information

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Click here for more information about Sagada

"Morning Glory", watercolor 2008

"Morning Glory" (extract from watercolor kaleidoscope), gouache on paper.

"Color Play", gouache on paper

Watercolor -
Detail from Nasturtium kaleidoscope

Etching with water color - Flower alter in Sonya's Garden, Tagatay

Oil on canvas -
Rice terraces, Dantay, Bontoc

Colored pencil drawing - Flowers

Watercolor Teacher's quarters - Batad, Ifugao

"The Gift" (sold) - Oil on canvas